21708: Actor Mario Frias’ Wedding

A blanket of darkness still shrouded the sky over Ponta do Papagaio, Palhoca, Santa Catarina, Brazil on the morning of February 2, 2008 as Juliana Camatti placed her bare feet on the red carpet which stretched across a sandy patch of beach and began to walk toward the man she loves, telenovela star Mario Frias. Flickering flames from tiki torches illuminated the bride in her wedding dress from Atelier Gracejo Noiva, the diaphanous layers of the garment’s tulle skirt and her elbow-length veil swaying in the sea-kissed breeze as she strolled past 80 friends and family members, Caras online reports. During the ceremony, the groom, also dressed in white, placed a wedding band, borne down the aisle by his three-year-old son, on his love’s finger.

Following the exchange of vows, the newlyweds drank champagne toasts to their happiness before cutting into a two-tier wedding cake adorned with cheerful yellow flowers, the petals resembling the rays of sunshine that would soon wash over the beach as their first day as husband and wife began.

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