21208: Colin Farrell To Be Best Man At Wedding

On the silver screen, Colin Farrell has portrayed a king of Macedonia and an iconic TV detective, but in the spring of 2008 he will take on one of the most important roles of his life when he stands by his elder brother’s side as his best man. While in New York over the Christmas 2007 season, Eamonn Farrell, who helped to establish the Dublin-based National Performing Arts School, asked artist Steven Mannion for his hand in marriage, and the creative couple are currently making plans for a civil partnership ceremony in Provincetown, Massachusetts, the National Enquirer reports. During the ceremony, Eamonn will slip a wedding band on to his love’s finger to accompany a diamond and sapphire-set engagement ring, which had thoughtfully been chosen by the groom with the assistance of his movie star sibling.

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