21008: Actor Jack Klugman’s Wedding

Since opening its doors over 70 years ago, The Little Brown Church in Studio City, California has been a silent witness to the nuptials of more than 25,000 brides and grooms, and on February 2, 2008 it was Peggy Crosby’s turn to walk down the aisle of the historic chapel on her way to wed her love of the past two decades, actor Jack Klugman, Entertainment Tonight reports. The 85-year-old star, known by fans of classic TV for his role as a lovable curmudgeon in The Odd Couple, was not the first famous face to stand at the tiny church’s altar– former President Ronald Reagan pledged his love to Nancy (Davis) Reagan at the same spot in 1952, and pop princess Britney Spears paid a visit to the serene sanctuary in January 2008.

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