124107: Billie Piper’s Wedding

As the world prepared to say good-bye to the past year, actress Billie Piper, who traveled through time and space as Rose Tyler for two seasons on the sci-fi cult hit Doctor Who, embarked on a future together with the man she loves– her newly-dubbed husband, actor Laurence Fox. According to BBC News, the couple’s respective co-stars, David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Kevin Whatley (Lewis) joined members of the venerable Fox family of actors inside the Parish Church of St. Mary’s in Easebourne, West Sussex, England on the afternoon of December 31, 2007 to await the arrival of the bride.

Strolling in a pair of black high-heeled shoes, the actress held a bouquet of dainty pink roses interspersed with baby’s breath as she made her way past the headstones that line the entrance to the house of worship. Her long, black coat, which she wrapped around her ivory-hued wedding dress, kept the winter chill at bay until she reached the church, where four bridesmaids in purple frocks made their way to the altar before she walked to her groom’s side to receive a wedding band to accompany her antique, three-diamond engagement ring.

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