120907: Howie Dorough’s Wedding

On December 8, 2007, a blast of trumpets heralded the arrival of “The One” for Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough as Leigh Boniello, his love of the past seven years, made her grand entrance at St. James Catholic Cathedral, a 1950’s era Romanesque church in Orlando, Florida. As the sparkling accents of her lace-edged veil danced in the light, the train of the bride’s strapless wedding dress, created by Rivini designer Rita Vivieris, gently swept the aisle as she walked in a pair of open-toe shoes toward the altar, where the groom stood in a tuxedo. OK magazine revealed that the reverential refrain of “Ave Maria,” performed by the groom’s sister, echoed inside the house of worship during the ceremony, in which the bride received a wedding band to wear alongside the platinum engagement from Plantation Jewelers which has graced her hand since New Year’s Eve 2006.

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