120707: Billie Piper Chooses Wedding Reception Site

In the waning hours of 2007, Billie Piper won’t need the Tardis to navigate from the past to the future as the one-time “Doctor Who” star begins her life together with actor Laurence Fox, her love of the past year, in the presence of her former husband, DJ Chris Evans. After receiving a wedding band to accompany her three-diamond engagement ring, The Daily Mail reports that the newlyweds and their guests will exit St. Mary’s church in Midhurst, West Sussex for the cozy confines of Lickfold Inn, a 15th century pub owned by Chris Evans, for their reception.

Forced to reschedule their wedding back in July due to flooding in the area, the actress and her husband-to-be recognize the need for a back up plan. In the event that the Lickfold Inn, which is currently closed, is not ready for its grand reopening by the end of the year, the newlyweds will celebrate their new marital status with a reception at another Chris Evans-purchased pub, the Mulberry Bar and Grill. Located in Chiddingfield, Surrey, patrons can gaze upon grounds captured on canvas by Turner as they dine on the covered terrace of the 18th century edifice.

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