120207: Wedding of Formula One Driver Felipe Massa

Befitting the bride of a race car champion, a black Maserati bearing Felipe Massa’s soon-to-be wife Raffaela Bassi pulled up to the entrance of the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Brasil in São Paulo on November 30, 2007, Globo reports. Inside the house of worship, 800 guests gathered to watch the bride make her grand entrance in a Dolce and Gabbana creation. Clutching a bouquet of crimson roses that mirrored the flower arrangements displayed along the aisle, the fabric of her ballgown skirt gently swayed as she walked, her diaphanous tulle veil brushing against the floor while her tiara twinkled in the candlelight that illuminated the path to the altar.

Following the 50 minute ceremony, in which the couple presented each other with gold wedding bands, family and friends, including fellow racer car drivers Rubens Barrichello and Antonio Pizzonia, converged at Casa Fasamo in Itaim Bibi for the reception.

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