0112207: Wedding of Actors Caio Blat and Maria Ribeiro

Dressed in a Batman costume, the young son of actress Maria Ribeiro was his mother’s little hero on November 17, 2007 as he watched the TV star walk down the aisle of the Igreja Outeiro da Gl√≥ria in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil toward the man in her life, actor Caio Blat. Wearing a refined white, strapless creation by designer Antonia Bernardes, the bride’s white sandals stepped lightly upon the red carpet that lead her to the altar of the 18th century house of worship, where her love of the past year waited in a dove grey suit and green tie, reports. Actresses Bianca Rinaldi, Claudia Alencar and Carolina Dieckmann were among the many guests who bore witness as the bride, best known for her role in “Prova de Amor,” received the ultimate proof of love from the groom– a wedding band.

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