100207: Actress Lavinia Vlasak’s Wedding in Rio de Janeiro

On the night of September 29, 2007, 700 guests rose from their seats inside the Museu Historica Nacional in Rio de Janeiro in honor of Brazilian TV star Lavinia Vlasak as she walked toward the man with whom she would soon be united in matrimony, Celso Neto. Clutching a bouquet of peach-petaled roses, the bride beamed at the assemblage of family and friends as she strolled past, the hem of her ivory ballgown skirt gently brushing the red carpet aisle runner. A cathedral-length veil trailed behind her, its ribbon edge mirroring the white ribbon accents on her Carlos Tufvesson wedding dress. Meeting her beloved at the altar, the reverential strain of “Ave Maria” echoed inside the 1920’s era museum as the couple pledged their devotion and the bride, kissing the wedding ring she held, slipped the band on to the finger of her new husband.

Following the ceremony, tiny junior bridesmaids in angelic white dresses embellished with blue and white checkered sashes and young ushers wearing blue and white bow ties stood still for the cameraman while the bride, the bejeweled cross she wore for the occasion sparkling in the light, had photos taken with the bridal party. Joining their guests at the reception, friends and relatives dined off of golden plates as the lovebirds cut slices of a wedding cake topped with figurines of the bride and groom on a single pair of skis as a figurine of their faithful canine companion lovingly looked up at the pair from the cake’s lower tier.

After saying goodbye to their guests, the newlyweds spent the first night of the rest of their lives together at Copacabana Palace, which was followed by a honeymoon in Tahiti and Saint Tropez. According to, the newly-pronounced Mr. and Mrs. will be busy writing “thank you” notes for wedding gifts purchased at H. Stern Home, where the couple were registered.

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