0101807: Bollywood Star’s Vow Renewal

Every bride and groom figuratively feels as though they are floating on a cloud when they say “I do,” but for Bangladeshi pop star Alamin Khandaker and Mun Mun Begum this feeling became reality as the couple, who were originally pronounced husband and wife 20 years ago, pledged their eternal devotion to each other during an October 15, 2007 wedding vow renewal ceremony conducted 2,000 feet in the air. According to the web site Brentwood Weekly, the member of the pop group Chime and his wife boarded a plane with select family and friends in order to reenact a wedding scene from the Bollywood blockbuster “Love Story” during a romantic flight over Hertfordshire, England.

Touching down in Ipswich after the ceremony, the bride and groom were still on cloud nine as they enjoyed a reception at Koh-I-Noor Indian restaurant, where they were serenaded by former X-Factor contestant Chico and singer Shola Ama.

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