70607: Civil Partnership Ceremony for Dead or Alive Frontman

As the frontman for Dead or Alive, vocalist Pete Burns has long been known for pushing the fashion envelope, and his daring dress sense took center stage on June 6, 2007, his wedding day. Arriving in a silver Mercedes, the singer who took “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” to number one on the charts walked up the steps of the Royal Society of Arts House in central London in a white and red kimono embellished with gold embroidery detailing. The black polish on the star’s perfectly manicured nails was a dramatic foil to the crimson-colored fan Mr. Burns clutched in his hands as he posed for photos alongside his love, Michael Simpson, who wore a white suit for the occasion. An official declaration of their love in February 2006, complete with matching skull-shaped, diamante engagement rings, led to the day’s civil partnership ceremony.

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