70107: Wedding of Alexander Fuerst zu Schaumburg-Lippe

The sound of horses hooves echoed in the streets of Bueckeburg, Germany on June 30, 2007 as four white horses bore a flower bedecked carriage past an assemblage of one thousand wellwishers, each hoping to catch a glimpse of Nadja Anna Zsoeks on her way to say “I do” to Alexander Fuerst zu Schaumburg-Lippe at the city church. Upon her arrival at the house of worship, bridesmaids in porcelain blue dresses helped the bride straighten the five meter-long train of her lace-accented white wedding gown before she began her walk down a red carpet leading to the entrance of the church.

The garlands atop the heads of cherubic flower girls had the appearance of tiny halos as they made their way to the altar ahead of the bride. As the wedding music began, 750 guests, including the groom’s ex-wife Princess Lilly, rose from the pews as the bride, clutching a bouquet of white roses, walked past, the diamonds of her tiara sparkling in the light of the church. At the end of the pathway the groom, to whom she had pledged her devotion in a civil ceremony on June 28, 2007, waited to receive a religious blessing of their love.

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