071707: Wedding of South Korean Star Park Kyung-Lim

Through the diaphanous fabric of the blusher that veiled her face, South Korean comedienne Park Kyung-Lim could see her handsome husband-to-be, Park Jung-hoon, dressed in a classic black tuxedo and white bow tie, waiting at the altar at the Shilla Hotel, one of Seoul’s premier hotels, to make her his wife. Three bridemaids in blush pink, floor-length dresses made their way down a white aisle runner sprinkled with rose petals before the bride made her grand entrance in a white wedding gown accented with a green sash. The diamonds on her tiara danced in the lights of overhead chandeliers as she walked past rows of family and friends, who looked on as the couple, each wearing a pair of white gloves, slipped wedding bands on to each other’s hands during the ceremony.

Following the July 15, 2007 nuptials, invited guests, including Jang Nara and Lee Hyo-lee, drank toasts to the newlyweds as they cut slices of a four-tier wedding cake.

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