Nitro Circus Star Travis Pastrana Engaged

While the world’s first synchronized FMX double back flips may have wowed the crowd at the Las Vegas Nitro Circus Live motocross event on June 4, 2011, it was the sight of X games multi–gold medalist Travis Pastrana proposing to his lady love Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins that took revved up romantics’ breath away.

He’s jumped out of a plane with out a parachute and achieved a world record for his ascent of Mount Washington in a car, but it was the prospect of proposing which caused the star of MTV’s Nitro Circus to battle a case of butterflies. “I wasn’t supposed to do this until the end of the show, but I was so nervous I couldn’t wait. This is a night of world-first stunts, and this stunt involves the rest of my life,” said Pastrana after sliding down an exhibition ramp and kneeling on one knee before his pro skateboarder soul mate.

The roar of 10,000 spectators added adrenaline to the moment as Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” provided the soundtrack to the couple’s first kiss as fiances.

According to People magazine, the pair later partied the night away at Studio 54 in Las Vegas, where the prospective groom presented his bride-to-be with a dozen roses.

Photo Credit: PRNewsFoto/Nitro Circus Live, Garth Milan

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