Puppy Loves of the Royals

As Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 84th birthday, we take a look back at some of royalty’s regal Rovers. Find out mroe about the Fidos of the famous by visiting the celebrity canines section of our sister site,

Since her reign began, the pitter patter of tiny padded paws from a plethora of Pembroke Welsh Corgis have followed Queen Elizabeth through palace corridors. Her Majesty has had a total of 30 tail-wagging chums over the years, and presently enjoys the company of regal Rovers Emma, Holly, Linnet, Monty, Willow as well as dorgis Berry, Candy, Cider and Vulcan.

Queen And Corgi

A present from her parents to mark her 18th birthday, a corgi named Susan played a part in a lifetime of “dogged” devotion to the breed for the future Queen of England. Mother to future generations of faithful royal Fidos, this prized pup faithfully followed then Princess Elizabeth on her honeymoon with Prince Philip.

Elizabeth And Sue

Dookie (named as the pup was to be a part of The Duke of York’s household) and Jane (seen in the photo below) were the first playmates of the pedigreed variety who brightened the lives of young Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret. A dog devotee, Princess Margaret would introduce another breed into the royal family– dachshunds. Her beloved pet Pipkin’s liaison with one of the queen’s corgis would result in the arrival of tiny dorgis.

Reading On Sofa

A young Prince Charles developed “puppy love” at an early age. Seen here with the Queen Mother and one of their many four-pawed pals, the Prince of Wales would break away from the tradition of corgi companions, choosing instead a labrador who answered to “Harvey” in his earlier years. Jack Russell terriers were the tail-waggers of choice in adulthood. Many official Christmas family photos bear the image of Tigga, a pup with an A.A. Milne-inspired moniker who was a faithful friend to the prince for 18 years.

Royal Gran

Like her mother-in-law Queen Victoria, Princess Alexandra– who would become queen when her husband Edward VII was crowned king– also doted on dogs. Her Pug dubbed Bully was a gift from her husband.

Alexandra's Family

Prince Albert may have been the love of Queen Victoria’s life, but her many hounds also held a special place in the sovereign’s heart. As reported by The Spectator, Queen Victoria deemed dogs as “those four-footed friends no bride can buy,” and the monarch was never lacking in canine companionship. As members of the royal family, the pooches posed for painted portraits with their monarch Mother, and the likenesses of favorite Fidos– including Sharp, the smooth-coated Border Collie at the queen’s side in the photo below– were immortalized in headstones after their passing. Sharp, who was laid to rest at Windsor House Park, was devoted to the queen for 15 years.

Victoria's Pet

Photos courtesy Picapp

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