Puppy Loves of The Silver Screen’s Classic Leading Ladies

Tinseltown twosomes may not always stand the test of time, but the love of a dog can live forever in the heart of a luminary. Here are the puppy loves of some of Hollywood’s leading ladies from years past. To see more photos of the famous and their Fidos, visit our sister site,

When she was six years old, Sandra Dee received a Pomeranian as a Christmas present. Her passion for pups continued, and 11 years later the teen star confided in an interview (reprinted by that “When I was 16 I had my own mansion and a pool, a sports car, a $12,000 fur coat, a poodle and a toy Pomeranian and a thousand dresses.”

Sandra Dee

Neither her many suitors nor her menagerie of pets could help falling in love with Elizabeth Taylor. Seen in this 1952 photo cuddling a darling Dachshund, the silver screen beauty, who once said of a dog’s devotion “There’s something to say for this kind of love– it’s unconditional.”

Taylor's Puppy

Mr. Famous was an apt moniker for Audrey Hepburn‘s Yorkshire Terrier. The lovable lap dog lapped up the limelight when he shared a scene with his movie star Momma in the classic romantic musical, Funny Face. A definite dog devotee, the big screen legend welcomed a number of canine companions into her family over the years, including two Jack Russell terriers and another Yorkshire Terrier named Assam of Assam.

Audrey With Mr Famous

Joan Crawford often brought her canine companion Cliquot to movie studios when filming a flick. The silver screen legend confided to Time magazine that she and the precious poodle wore “…matching costumes. He wears his red jacket when I wear red slacks and sweater. When I wear green, he wears green.” Befitting a pawed pal of a glitterati goddess, Cliquot also owned a rhinestone collar for starlight soirees.

Joan Crawford Reads To Her Poodle

Carole Lombard and Clark Gable may have held the titles of the queen of screwball comedy and the king of Hollywood, but the top Tinseltown twosome of the era affectionately referred to each other as “Ma” and “Pa.” The pair were the proud parents to a plethora of pets, including a cat called Josephine, a dog of undetermined origin who answered to the name “Pancho,” a dachshund dubbed Fritz, a pair of cocker spaniels known as Smokey and Dudey, a Pekingese with the moniker Pushface, and the barking buddy seen in the photo below– a sheepdog who happily ran up to the cinema icons whenever they called “Beau Brummel” or “Beau Geste,” reports. The bounding ball of fur was a present to the actress from the star of Gone with The Wind.

Carole Lombard

Photos courtesy Picapp

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