"American Idol" Contestant Jason Castro Reportedly Engaged

Although season 7 American Idol finalist Jason Castro is currently promoting “Let’s Fall In Love Again”, his just-released single from his forthcoming debut CD, the reality personality has yet another reason to feel like singing, as Mandy Mayhall has promised to be his bride.

Dressed as Beauty and The Beast for Halloween, the performer proposed in true fairytale fashion, on bended knee prior to the Oklahoma-Kansas State football game in Norman, Oklahoma, according to several sources including AceShowbiz, Examiner and AI Now. Although words did not fail him as he asked for his love’s hand in marriage, the words “Marry me?”– carved into a pumpkin at the event– helped to bring the happiness of the moment home.

While cameras captured the occasion for posterity, the prospective groom and his bride-to-be have yet to publicly discuss their betrothed status or any details of their impending I do’s.

American Idol Season 8 Finale - Arrivals

Photos courtesy Picapp

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