Actress Alexa Vega Engaged

During his formative years, the movies shown at the Hot Springs Theater prompted Sean Covel (producer of Napoleon Dynamite) to dream of a future in the entertainment business. In October 2009, the movie house’s screen did more than display the fruits of his work as an executive producer as the first reel of the dramaBroken Hill began to roll. While a packed house watched the flickering image of leading lady Alexa Vega, behind the screen the actress known for Spy Kids and Ruby & The Rockits was accepting the role of a lifetime– that of wife to Covel.

Returning to his roots to plant the seed of a future together with the woman he loves, the prospective groom knelt on one knee to present a custom-made engagement ring to his bride-to-be, the Hot Springs Star reports. Already planning their trip down the aisle, family and friends will receive wedding invitations for a Black Hills, South Dakota ceremony emblazoned with the “I do” date of October 10, 2010.

Special Screening Of Lionsgate's "Repo! The Genetic Opera" - Arrivals

Photo courtesy Picapp

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