Wordless Wednesday: Classic Stars with Canines

Here are a few Tinseltown twosomes from the present and the past, posing with their pawed pals. For more photos of the famous and their Fidos, visit our sister site,

Pup parents today to a Jack Russell terrier, in 2000 Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s canine companion was a Border Collie mix called Sally:

Celebs 2001 Pet Calendars

Legendary lovers Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton with their tail-wagging chums aboard the “Beatriz of Bolivia” in 1968:

Burton & Taylor On A Boat With Dogs

Paul McCartney forged a new life after The Beatles with the help of wife Linda and their English Sheepdog, who was immortalized in the song “Martha My Dear”:

Rural McCartneys

Comedy icon Peter Sellers and his third wife Miranda Quarry celebrated their wedding reception with her two Pekingese pups:

Miranda Quarry

Bogie and Bacall at home with their barking buddy back in 1945:

Humphrey and Lauren

Although never a couple in real life, William Powell and Myrna Loy convincingly portrayed Mr. and Mrs. in a series of The Thin Man movies, which co-starred a canine called Asta:

Another Thin Man

Perennial paramours until his passing, publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst and actress Marion Davies shared a devotion to dogs. The couple lived at San Simeon with a plethora of pooches over the years, including two dachshunds called “Susan” and “Gandhi.”

W R Hearst

Photos courtesy Picapp

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