Country Singer Holly Williams Engaged

Holly Williams has made appearances on the Billboard charts with her singles “Keep the Change” and “Mama,” but on one recent July day the granddaughter of country music legend Hank Williams no doubt had the title of one of her other songs in mind– “A Love I Think Will Last”– as the man of her dreams dropped on bended knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

Confiding to People magazine, the country crooner happily told of a picnic in Leipers Fork, Tennessee in which wine and cheese were the prelude to the couple’s hunt for civil war relics. Although she might not have unearthed items from the past, the singer did discover the promise of a future with drummer Chris Coleman as she dusted off the dirt which covered a wooden box emblazoned with her favorite quote and the day’s date in Roman numerals. Opening the lid, the entertainer found a fragrant blanket of basil and blossoms concealing an engagement ring.

Currently enjoying their first days of betrothed bliss, the happy couple have yet to announce a date for their impending I do’s.

Country Music Television Music Awards in Nashville

Photo courtesy Picapp

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