Football Stars Enjoy NFL Legends Retreat in Cancun

Trading the feel of playing turf beneath their feet for sand between their toes, football greats Isaiah Stanback (wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys), former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson, former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Everson Walls and former wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles Vince Papale participated in the NFL Legends retreat in Cancun recently.

As a balmy ocean breeze blew in, the palm trees that line the exterior of The Royal and Gran Caribe Real Cancun resorts on Hotel Zone waved a welcome to the star athletes upon their arrival for autograph and photograph sessions with fans. Although Monday June 22nd marked the end of their excursion, while packing his luggage for a flight home Drew Pearson may have been dreaming of a return visit. Reminiscing about his first stay on the island, the sportscaster exclaimed …”now that I see Cancun I can tell it’s a beautiful place, where everything is first class and everybody gets a special treatment. I am scheduled to leave on Monday, but I don’t think I am gonna make it; they will need to kick me out of here.”

Vince Papale and Drew Pearson pose for posterity with a football fan:

Isaiah Stanback signs his John Hancock for a fan:

Isaiah Stanback, Vince Papale, Everson Walls and Drew Pearson join Best Day Travel CEO Julian Balbuena and Real Resorts CEO Fernando Garcia for a photo:

Photos courtesy Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

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