"Twilight" Stars Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke Among Stars at MTV Movie Awards Gift House

As the current kings and queens of Hollywood will soon walk the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, what better way to mark their arrival than with a star-studded pre-show soiree at a castle? Its crenellated exterior looking out on the Hollywood Hills, a private Spanish-style sanctuary welcomed glitterati to a function with a charitable goal. “The Celebrity House isn’t just another gifting event – we’ve added an important philanthropic component. In honor of each celebrity that attends, we are donating 100 meals to LA’s needy.” Says Melanie Segal, owner of Platinum Publicity. “In these tough economic times, Hollywood realizes it’s not just about receiving – it’s about giving back, too.”

Celebrating the symbiotic relationship between celebrities and swag, an array of bags brimming with merchandise were waiting for the paparazzi magnets at Day 1 of Melanie Segal’s MTV Movie Awards Gift House. Twilight star Peter Facinelli, eager to maintain his complexion’s pale perfection during production of New Moon, checked out DDF skin care products.

Fellow Twilight star Billy Burke with the host of the MTV Movie Awards Gift House, Melanie Segal:

Perhaps remembering her days on the set of the upcoming flick The Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Friday Night Lights/90210 star Aimee Teegarden couldn’t resist striking a pose with a Vera Wang Princess six string.

Getting ready for her walk down the aisle, bride-to-be Eva Marcille (America’s Next Top Model, The Young and The Restless) nibbled on figure-flattering Frito-Lay’s Smart Food before learning more about the look-enhancing effects of Nestle’s Glowelle Beauty Drink and RX for Brown Skin products.

KayCee Stroh, High School Musical‘s pop lock girl, was pampered at the party with a manicure. After her digits were decorated, the newlywed picked up her gift bag from L’eggs Profiles.

To top off their Tinseltown get together, Debbie Gibson performed an impromptu tune:

Photos courtesy Platinum Publicity

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