"Sex and The City" Star Cynthia Nixon Engaged

Speaking at a rally in support of gay marriage on May 17, 2009, the rays of sunlight that danced off the facets of actress Cynthia Nixon’s diamond engagement ring symbolically illuminated a path to a brighter future for all.

The Sex and The City star proudly showed off the ring, which had been slipped on to her finger by Christine Marinoni– the Emmy Award winner’s love since 2003– to a crowd which included David Hyde Pierce from the comedy classic Frasier, Ugly Betty actress Ana Ortiz, Private Practice‘s Audra McDonald and the bride-to-be’s former Sex and The City co-star Kristin Davis, The Star-Ledger revealed.

The happy couple, who have not announced a date for their impending “I do,” hope that when their special day arrives it can be celebrated in the state which means so much to them both– New York.

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