Amy Adams Filming in Dublin

Irish eyes will be smiling this spring whenever they cast their gaze in the direction of actress Amy Adams, who will be filming her upcoming flick in an array of venues on The Emerald Isle.

Amy Adams on film set in Dublin, Ireland

Jumping at the opportunity to star in Leap Year— a romantic comedy about a woman who travels to Ireland with the intent purpose of proposing to the man she loves– the Oscar-nominated actress stepped in front of the camera in Dublin recently with actor Adam Scott and will also share the screen with Matthew Goode, who can currently be seen in Watchmen.

A harmonious marriage between the aged beauty of 18th century cobblestone streets and the pulsating beat of trendy nightclubs, the decidedly bohemian vibe of Dublin’s Temple Bar arts district will play a pivotal role when Leap Year hits theaters, as will the bogs of Connemara, which is already a star in its own right, having appeared in the cinematic classic The Quiet Man with John Wayne.

During the nine week shooting schedule the boom of the director’s voice yelling “Action!” will also echo over the heath at Wicklow Wilderness National Park and the limestone cliffs of Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer– the three bodies of land that make up the Aran Islands, the Irish Film Board reports.

Amy Adams on film set in Dublin, Ireland

Amy Adams on film set in Dublin, Ireland

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