101308: Christina Ricci at The Michigan Renaissance Festival

DKNY Celebrates 20 Years - Front Row - Spring 09 MBFW

No doubt a resounding “Huzzah!” rang out at the Michigan Renaissance Festival recently when actress Christina Ricci walked through the turreted gates which act as a portal to the past. Filming scenes for her upcoming romantic comedy, All’s Faire in Love, the actress was transported back to the 17th century as she stepped in front of the camera with a passel of period performers ranging from knights in shining armor preparing for a joust to strolling minstrels.

The Penelope star was among one of over 200,000 faire folk who enjoyed the Michigan Renaissance Festival in the town of Holly this season. Each year from mid-August through early October, tourists can go on a time trip during themed weekends as entertainers make merry on 15 stages.

In marked contrast to the Elizabethan ambiance of the festival, the Art Deco designs of The Mott Foundation Building will also have a starring role in the feel good flick. The stylish skyscraper– the first of its kind built in Flint, Michigan– will share the screen with another Flint landmark, the Atwood Stadium, when All’s Faire in Love opens in theaters in 2009.

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