93308: "The Bachelorette" Star Jen Schefft Engaged

After discovering that winning the final rose on the third season of The Bachelor would not lead to a happily ever after with Andrew Firestone and when a season as The Bachelorette did not solve her search for a soul mate, Jen Schefft compiled the lessons she learned in the self-help book Better Single Than Sorry: A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling. Now the reality star has begun a new chapter in her life as a bride-to-be, People magazine reports.

Engaged to Joe Waterman, her love of the past eight months, the one-time TV personality is planing an “I do” that will take place in 2009. Although millions of television viewers followed her on her path to finding Mr. Right, only a small gathering of 50 – 60 guests will witness her walk down the aisle.

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