90508: Jennifer Aniston Filming at New York Palace Hotel

Jennifer Aniston filming on the set of '30 Rock' in New York City

A site befitting a comedic queen’s return to the small screen, The New York Palace Hotel welcomed Jennifer Aniston and actor Alec Baldwin as scenes were shot for an upcoming episode of 30 Rock on the evening of September 3, 2008. Illuminated by both the glare of klieg lights and the soft glow of Florentine lanterns, the Emmy Award-winning actress stepped in front of the camera with the star of the NBC series in a courtyard hugged by the Villard Homes, Manhattan architectural masterpieces on Madison Avenue which were constructed in 1882. In a harmonious marriage of classicism and contemporary styles, the elegant edifices join with a modern 55-story tower to form the current 5-star sanctuary.

Although fans will have to wait until later this fall to see their favorite star’s stint as a stalker on 30 Rock, Jennifer Aniston will appear on TV screens on September 5th in support of Stand Up To Cancer. The silver screen will also be graced with the face of the former Friends cast member in the upcoming cinematic ventures Management, Traveling, He’s Just Not That Into You and Marley and Me.

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Jennifer Aniston filming on the set of '30 Rock' in New York City

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