Celebrity Wedding Photo: Elizabeth Taylor and Nick Hilton on Honeymoon in 1950

Newlyweds Elizabeth Taylor and hotel heir Conrad “Nick” Hilton Jr. set a course for romance when the Queen Mary set sail on May 24, 1950, 18 days after the couple said “I do” at the Church of The Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills. Her 5-carat diamond engagement ring and platinum-and-diamond wedding band sparkling in the light as she waved good-bye, the honeymooners headed out on a 14-week excursion which would take them to Monte Carlo, Cannes and Cap d’Antibes, according to Kitty Kelly, the author of Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Star. While the newly dubbed Mrs. Hilton may have felt, like so many other just-married lovebirds, as though she and her husband were the only two on board, the luxury liner’s passenger list also contained the names of another twosome whose wedding caused a media frenzy in 1937– the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

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