82908: Olympic Gymnast Jonathan Horton Engaged

Gymnast Jonathan Horton may have won a bronze medal in the team competition and a silver medal in the high bar during the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, but the athlete has a heart of gold, and no one knows this better than Haley DeProspero– the University of Oklahoma gymnast who recently promised to be his wife. Not long before the start of the Olympic trials this past June, the 22-year-old paved a path toward their future life together with a trail of Hershey’s Kisses, The Oklahoman reports. The chocolate treat offered a sweet stroll through the athlete’s apartment which led to his bedroom door, where a sign which stated “Now that I’ve kissed the floor that you walk on, there’s only one more question for me to ask” greeted his girlfriend. Opening the door on the next chapter of their love story as she turned the doorknob, the words “Marry Me”– spelled out in twinkling candlelight– illuminated the bride-to-be’s smile as she accepted the proposal.

Purchased from a jeweler in his hometown of Houston, Texas, a diamond engagement ring sparkled with the promise of tomorrow on Ms. DeProspero’s left hand. The happy couple, currently enjoying their new betrothed status, are making plans for a summer 2009 wedding.

Olympics Day 11 - Artistic Gymnastics

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