Wedding Photo of Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner

Although his name on a marquee guaranteed a filled movie theater in 1942, only five people were on hand on January 10th of that year to witness the union between Mickey Rooney and then-rising star Ava Gardner at a Presbyterian church in Ballard, California. During an intimate ceremony, the groom slipped a wedding band engraved with the words “Love Forever” on his bride’s finger…a prediction that was not meant to be, as their marriage would come to an end 16 months later.

While time would bring other loves into both their lives, with the all American boy saying “I do” seven more times and the silver screen beauty marrying band leader Artie Shaw and music legend Frank Sinatra- their days as a married couple would never fade from their memories. After Gardner’s passing Rooney would make a visit to the Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, North Carolina, where the entertainer, who was 80 years old at the time, would come face to face with his 21-year-old self, smiling in a black and white wedding portrait beside his 19-year-old bride.

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