Celebrity Wedding Photos: Mick Jagger’s Saint-Tropez Wedding

Following a civil ceremony held at the St. Tropez Town Hall, Mick Jagger and his bride, the former Bianca Perez Morena de Macias, were greeted by a swarm of devoted fans as they arrived at the Chapel of St. Anne for a religious blessing of their union.

Although known for performing lustful lyrics, the Rolling Stones lead singer opted for traditional music on his wedding day. According to the BBC, Bach’s wedding march played as the couple presented each other with wedding bands, while the theme from Love Story, the year’s most popular cinematic tear-jerker, also echoed inside the house of worship.

Jagger's Wedding Day
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During the ceremony, the officiant announced that the groom had a special connection to the Chapel of St. Anne, as he had been born on St. Anne’s Day:

Mick And Bianca
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