72008: Historic Inn To Star in "Twilight" (Videos)

Destined to take a bite out of the box office upon its release on November 21, 2008, when movie theater light dim and Twilight appears on the silver screen a pivotal element in the story of an eternal love will play out against the backdrop of a historic hotel with its own tale to tell.

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Like the hero of Stephenie Meyer’s best selling novel, The View Point Inn in Corbett, Oregon seems to possess an undying spirit. Lording over the Columbia River Gorge, the beauty of the cliff top dwelling first beckoned to visitors back in the 1920’s. While over the years such illustrious guests as silent screen legend Charlie Chaplin and President Franklin D. Roosevelt walked through the door of the boutique retreat, the arrival of an interstate in the 1960’s drained the inn of its life’s blood. Without the steady flow of patrons, the venue lay dormant until the arrival of its current owner, who has resurrected the Tudor Arts and Crafts-inspired venue and returned it to its former glory. Today, Twilighters can make their own immortal memories at the inn with Edward and Bella-inspired banquets, balls, birthday celebrations and more. For further information visit

As darkness descended over Corbett, Oregon, cameras rolled on the prom scene for the movie Twilight. Watch a moment of the magic between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) in the following Popstar Magazine clip:

A daytime look at preparations for the prom scene was captured in the following Seventeen Magazine clip:

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