70308: Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson Guests at Irish Castle

The silvered surface of the Ballynahinch River, which reflects the facade of the four-star Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, mirrored the faces of two cinematic stars in late June 2008 as Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and other cast members arrived in Connemara to continue filming the upcoming heart-tugging comedy Marley and Me. According to The Independent, the former Friends cast member and the box office favorite unpacked their suitcases in two of the 40 rooms and suites available at the regal retreat, which was once the stomping grounds of the Pirate Queen of Connaught, Grace O’Malley.

Staying at the 450-acre sanctuary for two nights, daylight would find the two A-listers, as well as an assembly of crew members who had also checked into the hotel, gazing out at the Twelve Bens Mountain Range as they made their way from the castle nearby Roundstone. The cozy hamlet, dotted with B&Bs and the powder white sands of shell-ground beaches which stretch to the Atlantic Ocean, will have its moment on the big screen when Marley and Me opens on Christmas Day.

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