61008: Tom Hanks Filming in Rome

The Egyptian obelisk which towers over Rome’s Piazza Del Popolo has cast its shadow across thousands of literary-minded tourists who, fueled by the pages of the novel Angels and Demons, have struck out on the “path of illumination” in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Illuminati. On June 5, 2008, the ancient artifact was a silent witness as Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, under the direction of Ron Howard, once again breathed life into reluctant hero Robert Langdon as a scene was filmed on the sequel to The Da Vinci Code.

Standing at the north end of the piazza, Santa Maria del Popolo plays a prominent role in Dan Brown’s page-turner. The Chigi chapel, one of six located inside the ecclesiastic edifice, is home to Habakkuk and the Angel, a masterpiece chiseled by the hands of Bernini. According to the book’s text, Habakkuk and the Angel, along with Bernini’s West Ponente at St. Peter’s Square, The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa and Santa Maria della Vittoria and the Fountain of Four Rivers in Piazza Novona represent the four altars of science, marking the path which leads to the Illuminati’s lair.

Tom Hanks And Ron Howard On The Set Of "Angels And Demons"
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