60408: Hayden Panettiere Dines at Hollywood Restaurant

While most Hollywood residents had to deal with the usual swarm of mosquitoes on the evening of June 1, 2008, Heroes cast member Hayden Panettiere was bothered by the buzz of paparazzi as she left Katsuya restaurant. The flash of the photog’s bulbs, like the fireflies that flit across the Southern California sky on any given summer night, illuminated the small screen star’s walk to a waiting taxi.

Although the actress began the month of June by sampling Japanese cuisine, on August 10th Ms. Panettiere will enjoy items from the Mexican-style menu of Beso restaurant. The winning bidder of an Ebay auction held in support of The Whaleman Foundation and five guests will join the TV beauty for a fundraiser at Eva Longoria-Parker’s culinary venture before embarking on a cruise along the Santa Monica coast with the nature-loving notable for a viewing of the A-lister’s aquatic friends in their native habitat.

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