54808: Prince William and Kate Middleton Enjoy the Mystique of Mustique

Soon to embark on a three-month stint with the Royal Navy, Prince William will carry with him the memory of his romantic rendezvous with Kate Middleton on the island of Mustique. The West Indies idyll has long held an allure for members of the monarchy– in 1966 Queen Elizabeth made a private sojourn to the southern Caribbean’s 1,400 acres, while the late Princess Margaret chose the palm-laden paradise for a holiday home.

According to The Daily Mail, the doors of Mustique’s Villa Alumbrera recently opened for a visit from the second in line to the throne and his lady love. The restless waves of the Atlantic Ocean lulled the couple to sleep at night after days spent enjoying the venue’s amenities, swimming in the azure waters and leaving their footprints on the white sands of Macaroni Beach.

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