54408: "High School Musical" Star KayCee Stroh Engaged

While her character Martha Cox might wear a class ring to remember her days at East High, actress KayCee Stroh will forever fondly recall her days on the set of High School Musical 3: Senior Year whenever she looks at her engagement ring. The rising star confided to People magazine online that her beau Ben Higginson greeted her after a night of filming and escorted her to H Rock for a panoramic view of the sunrise over the community which holds all of her childhood memories– Salt Lake City, Utah. As morning broke on May 24, 2008 a new life together also dawned for the couple as her prospective groom knelt on one knee and slipped a ring crowned with a princess cut solitaire diamond embraced by pave diamonds on her finger.

Just as music has played a role in introducing KayCee Stroh to her fans around the world, music also played a part in bringing the two lovebirds together, as the pair met in 2007 at a concert. The bride-to-be, who will celebrate her 24th birthday on May 29th, is currently making plans for a walk down the aisle late in the calendar year.

For fans eager for HSM3, KayCee Stroh gives a tour of the Salt Lake City high school where the action takes place in the following Popstar Magazine clip:

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