53908: Reader Mail: Princess Diana Wedding Music?

Readers often write in to ask for “I do” details about their favorite celebrities, so Lovetripper magazine is introducing a new reader mail section. Some of the most frequently asked questions involve royal weddings, such as the enquiry below:

Q: Reading media coverage of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly‘s recent ceremony has made me nostalgic about the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen– that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. An impressionable girl of 14 at the time, I can remember waking up at four in the morning so I could “be a part” of the nuptials.

Twenty-seven years later, I find myself helping with arrangements for my own daughter’s special day. She’s always been my little princess, and I would love for her to walk down the aisle to the same music chosen by Princess Diana. Do you know the name of the music played during the processional?

Chicago, Illinois

A: Your daughter would enjoy a regal walk down the aisle if accompanied by “Trumpet Voluntary” by 17th century composer Jeremiah Clarke. Often referred to as “The Prince of Denmark’s March,” the classic composition not only rang out in St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981 as Lady Diana Spencer strolled to the altar on her way to becoming the Princess of Wales — the tune also escorted the most recent addition to the royal family, Autumn Kelly, as she entered St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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