50508: Johnny Depp Films at Historic Lodge

Like the echo of a memory that refuses to die, the staccato sounds of gun fire rang out once again at the Little Bohemia Lodge on April 23, 2008, 74 years to the day after the Wisconsin restaurant was ravaged by bullets during a shootout between the FBI and John Dillinger’s band of thieves. On this day, however, it was not the notorious gangster who narrowly escaped the long arm of the law but the criminal’s cinematic doppelganger, Johnny Depp, who is currently inhabiting the persona of the bank robber as filming continues on the upcoming drama, Public Enemies, the Wausau Daily Herald reported.

The Little Bohemia Lodge wears its battle scars with pride, and today patrons can not only mull over the menu, but also take a trip back in time as they gaze at the barrage of bullet holes that pock the walls and the Tommy gun, luggage, and other personal effects which have found a permanent home behind glass display cases at the lodge after being abandoned by the felons upon their flight to temporary freedom. The doors of the Manitowish Waters dining establishment are open to customers seven days a week.

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