50208: Lindsay Lohan Dines at E. Baldi

Like the flicker of fireflies in the dark, the blinding lights of paparazzi flashbulbs momentarily illuminate the darkness outside of E. Baldi restaurant on any given evening. Drawn in by the tempting Tuscan-inspired dishes prepared by master chef Edoardo Baldi as well as the reputation of his father’s Ristorante Giorgio Baldi, an elegant eatery in Santa Monica, a steady stream of celebrities routinely make reservations at the Beverly Hills dining establishment. In the past, such Hollywood royalty as Warren Beatty and Annette Bening have mulled over the menu at E. Baldi, and in late April 2008 Hollywood TV spotted Lindsay Lohan walking through the restaurant’s door in order to enjoy a gastronomic journey to Italy.

Foodies wishing to sample E. Baldi’s star-quality cuisine can add a touch of Tinseltown to their own home-cooked spaghetti or mozzarella with the help of the restaurant’s own brand of sauces. Puttanesca, tomato and basil, mushroom, arrabbiata, pizzaiola and garden vegetables sauces are available by calling the number provided on the restaurant’s official website.

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