31908: Colin Farrell Visits Vancouver Aquarium

As actors, Colin Farrell and Lily Cole are accustomed to entertaining movie audiences, but during a recent sightseeing trip it was the Irish movie idol and the model who were entertained as the co-stars of the upcoming fantasy flick The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus stepped away from the movie set and made some new finned friends at the Vancouver Aquarium, reports. Far from the first A-listers to amble past the Chief of the Undersea World statue which graces the entrance to the tourist attraction, movie buffs will recall the sight of Canada’s largest aquarium from its appearance in the 2007 Jessica Alba/Dane Cook romantic comedy, Good Luck Chuck. Home to thousands of fish and invertebrates, a bevy of beluga whales, dolphins, stingrays, black tip reef sharks and sea otters greet vacationers from around the globe on a daily basis.

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