30108: Larry Birkhead at Night of 100 Stars Event

Even though he was surrounded by celebrities during the 18th annual Night of 100 Stars, a celebration of the Academy Awards, little Dannielynn was in Larry Birkhead’s thoughts as he posed for a photographer with a MyPacifier Personalized Pacifier. Six years ago, it was Dannielynn’s mother, the late Anna Nicole Smith, who hobnobbed with Hollywood royalty at the annual black tie dinner gala, which is held at The Beverly Hills Hotel. The Sunset Boulevard sanctuary, which was a temporary home to Anna Nicole’s idol Marilyn Monroe when the screen siren filmed Let’s Make Love in 1952-1953, welcomed 200 luminaries for the February 24, 2008 event,including actor Daniel Baldwin, Alan Thicke and his wife Tanya Callau and reality TV star Omarosa.

Larry Birkhead, arguably the world’s most famous Daddy, tries out a Personalized Pacifier for his daughter Dannielynn. Photo courtesy of Emediawire and MyPacifier Personalized Pacifier.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thicke hold a Personalized Pacifier at Night of 100 Stars on Oscar night 2008. Photo courtesy Emediawire and

Actor Daniel Baldwin holds a Personalized Pacifier at the Night of 100 Stars on Oscar night. Photo courtesy Emediawire and

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