111007: Possible Wedding Venue for Soccer Star Wayne Rooney

Planted on the terrace of Castello Brown in 1870 to commemmorate the wedding of the venue’s former residents, British Consul Montague Yeats Brown and Agnes Bellingham, two pine trees stood like silent sentinals outside the 16th century castle as Coleen McLoughlin explored the regal Riviera retreat in early November 2007 in her quest to find the perfect place to say “I do” to her fiance since 2003, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney, The Sun reports. Lording over a yacht-filled harbor, the castle is one of Portofino, Italy’s most beloved sights, recognized by movie buffs as the serene sanctuary that healed the hearts of the characters in the 1992 Oscar-nominated film “Enchanted April,” starring Miranda Richardson, Alfred Molina and Joan Plowright.

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