110607: Jennifer Aniston’s Stay in Portland, Oregon

Andy Warhol silkscreens and artwork by director Gus Van Sant, a fitness area complete with elliptical machines and treadmills and the French-influenced fare served at the Heathman restaurant will make it hard for actress Jennifer Aniston to say good-bye to her suite at the Heathman Hotel when filming wraps on the star’s latest cinematic venture, “Management,” a romantic comedy scheduled to hit theaters in September 2008, OK magazine reports. Legend states that at least one former guest has decided to spend eternity at the Jazz era edifice, which has been deemed one of the “500 Best Hotels in the World” by Travel + Leisure magazine. Over the years, several patrons at the Portland, Oregon retreat have reported a paranormal presence which lingers around any of the hotel’s rooms that end in “03.” It is believed that it is the spirit of a lost soul who plunged to his death from one of the hotel windows long ago, keeping watch over the rooms that flashed before his eyes during his final seconds on this earth.

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