110307: Keira Knightley Films at Assembly Rooms

The Whitefriars crystals that dangle daintly on the nine chandeliers in the Assembly Rooms will sparkle on the big screen when “The Duchess” arrives in theaters in 2008. Jane Austen, Bath’s most famous former resident, once walked on the wooden floors where actress Keira Knightley, who brought the literary luminary’s character of Elizabeth Bennet to life in 2005’s cinematic retelling of “Pride & Prejudice,” will transform herself into the Duchess of Devonshire as she dances for a ballroom scene to be filmed inside the Tea Room and Octagon Room, the Bath Chronicle reports. The panniers, corsets and bustle pads worn by the British beauty will seem at home inside the Georgian era edifice, as the fashionable frocks worn by women in the 18th century are currently on display at the Bath Museum of Costume, located in the building’s lower level. Once the director has yelled “That’s a wrap!,” both the Assembly Rooms and the museum will again be open to the public.

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