102307: Keira Knightley Films at Holkham Hall

Bow and quiver in hand, a sculpture of the Roman goddess Diana stands in the Statue Gallery at Holkham Hall, an 18th century Palladian revival retreat in North Norfolk which will achieve silver screen immortality when “The Duchess,” a biodrama chronicling the life Georgiana Spencer, an ancestor of another revered Diana– the late Princess of Wales, opens in theaters in 2008. Having already filmed scenes on the Chatsworth estate and at Kedleston Hall, Keira Knightley will don a wig and corset as she steps in front of the camera from October 28 through November 7, 2007 at the current residence of Viscount Coke, which is open to the public during select dates each year. Fans of the “Pride and Prejudice” heroine can experience the elegance of this English edifice as they stroll among the alabaster columns in the Marble Hall and imagine that the distant sound of music can still be discerned as they explore the saloon where, back in 1865, another Prince and Princess of Wales, Edward and Alexandra, once danced until dawn. For an added cinematic treat, visitors can also walk along the sandy shore which covers a small portion of Holkham Hall’s 25,000-acre estate, just like Gwyneth Paltrow did in a poignant scene from the Academy Award-winning movie, “Shakespeare In Love.”

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