090107: Pierce Brosnan Tours Paris Museums

When actor Pierce Brosnan said “I do” to Keely Shaye Smith back in August 2001, an ice sculpture rendering of Rodin’s “The Kiss” provided a romantic element to their wedding reception at Ireland’s Ashford Castle Hotel. Six years later, People magazine online reports that the former 007 and his wife came face to face with the real marble masterpiece as they ambled one late August day through a Parisian museum dedicated to the famed French sculptor. Housed in Biron Hotel, the museum is also home to Rodin’s most famous piece, “The Thinker,” and showcases works by Rodin’s love and artistic contemporary, Camille Claudel.

The red carpet couple and their children also had the opportunity to peruse the Picasso Museum during their stay in Paris. Over 3,000 paintings and 2,000 drawings, displayed in the Hotel Sali, chronicles the artist’s ever-changing styles, ranging from his Blue Period to the Cubist movement.

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