083207: Actress Rosamund Pike Engaged To Director

Although literary legend Jane Austen penned a portrait of a matchmaker in her masterpiece “Emma,” it was the beloved author’s words in “Pride & Prejudice” which reached out through the centuries and sparked a romance between actress Rosamund Pike, who portrayed Jane Bennet in the 2005 Oscar-nominated cinematic version of the novel, and the movie’s director, Joe Wright. In Venice, Italy to attend the 64th edition of the city’s famous film festival, gondoliers rowed past along the Grand Canal as the couple, celebrating the debut of the prospective groom’s upcoming drama “Atonement” with friends and cast members Keira Knightley and James McAvoy at The Bauer Hotel, announced that they had become engaged while at Lake Como. According to The Daily Mail, the bride will walk down the aisle in a 2008 wedding ceremony.

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