61307: Kristen Bell, Jason Segal Filming in Hawaii

While wedding bells rang for his character Marshall in the season finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” actor Jason Segal has been spending his summer “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” the title of the upcoming romantic comedy which was penned by the CBS star. Over the course of the four-week shooting schedule, Segal and his co-stars, Kristen Bell of “Veronica Mars” fame and Mila Kunis, formerly of “That ’70s Show,” were able to enjoy the amenities offered by The Turtle Bay Resort, an opulent O’ahu oasis which will play a prominent role in the feature film. A movie star in its own right, having appeared in the 2004 Owen Wilson comedy caper “The Big Bounce,” the Turtle Bay Resort features 443 guest rooms and beach cottages overlooking the North Shore, where patrons can take surfing lessons or ride along the 5-mile beach on horseback.

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