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Mira's bridal gown was designed by Armani. Photo courtesy Armani and www.newscast.co.uk.

Who: actress Mira Sorvino and Chris Backus

When: July 2, 2004

Where: The island of Capri

The Ceremony: Although their love was deemed official in June 2004 at a short courthouse ceremony in Santa Barbara, Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino and Chris Backus celebrated their union in style on the Mediterranean island of Capri, a holiday haven frequented by Hollywood's elite. One hundred guests-- including the bride's father, actor Paul Sorvino-- joined the duo as their again pledged their troth at a hilltop house of worship, just as the sun began to sink in the Neapolitan sky.

The Dress: Fashion icon Giorgio Armani concocted Mira's bridal ensemble.   A fitted bodice studded with intricate floral beading accentuated her bustline, while a delicate overlay of organza draped over the gown's fabric of pure white satin. Harmonizing with the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, Mira chose to wear her hair down, and on her blonde locks was fashioned a long organza veil. While not appearing in photos of the ceremony, white satin gloves were also provided by the designer for a dash of old Hollywood glamour. [Click here for more on Mira's dress.]

For the bridal bouquet, the actress opted for tiny white, blue and yellow blossoms. The groom was equally kitted from head to toe in Armani, from the black morning jacket, pale grey vest and dark grey pinstriped trousers to white suspenders.

The tranquil hues of the environment were echoed in the bridesmaid's aquamarine dresses, which had dainty spaghetti straps and a gauze overlay which caught the Mediterranean breeze.

The Reception: Toasts to the happy couple were made with Fiano Feudi di San Gregorio wine from a nearby vineyard as guests dined on pasta in lobster sauce on lace-draped tables. The festivities lasted well into the night, with the newlyweds performing the tarantella, a folkloric dance popular at Italian weddings, to the delight of family and friends.

The Honeymoon: Giorgio Armani not only created the couple's wedding attire, but the famed designer also provided a romantic getaway on his private yacht for the bride and groom, who drifted away on the cobalt blue water of the Mediterranean sea.

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